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Company Name LogoFrom the past 20 years, we are offering Fly Ash Bricks. These are manufactured with precision by using latest concrete compact technology including pressing load that helps in constructing bricks having higher compressive strength & low water absorption capacity. Being an environment conscious organization, we make use of waste resources as raw material, such as fly ash in our production process. Besides this, we use stone grit, crushed sand and cement or lime to manufacture these bricks to ensure their strength and durability. Our sophisticated manufacturing units and quality control management allow us to produce our range of industrial standard that meets the exact demand of clients.

The Fly Ash Bricks are promoted as an alternative to burnt clay bricks with in the construction sector in India. Fly-Ash Bricks are an environment friendly cost saving building product. These bricks are three times stronger than conventional bricks with consistent strength. These bricks are ideally suited for internal, external, load bearing and non-load bearing walls. These Bricks with higher strength/weight ratio (about 3 to 4 times that of burnt clay bricks) aid in designing stronger, yet more economic structures.

These bricks are not affected by environmental conditions and remain static thus ensuring longer life of the building. Also, the savings with regard to wastages in fly ash bricks are considerable during unloading and construction due to true shape and size, consistency in quality, and the workability of the fly ash bricks unlike traditional clay bricks. These bricks are very economical / cost effective, nil wastage while transporting and handling.

Sri Vaari Bricks Quality Policy

quality Policy To expand our business activities, we are searching for making partnership with companies, who are in a position to promote our range of eco-friendly fly ash bricks across the country. We deliberately want to make a deal so as to save our environment from non-degradable waste material. The bricks that we offer are manufactured using the waste material that helps to reduce the cost of production.

We are looking forward for partnerships with firms, who can help us to deliver our products across the domestic markets. The organizations are cordially invited, who are willing to participate in an eco friendly yet commercial business. We would be pleased if some company can help us in our efforts of saving our natural environment from pollution.

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  • Tamil Nadu, India
  • Business Type: Brick Manufacturer
  • Contact Person: Mr.k.Nanda Gopal
  • Address: No.# 36/6, Peedampalli to Kallapalayam Road, Kallapalayam Village & Panchayath, Sulur Taluk,
    Coimbatore - 641 103

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